• Doubleface towels 70х140, 80х160, 100х180 см.

    The doubleface sublimation printable towels are an extremely attractive summer promotional product. In addition to our 70x140, 80x160 and the biggest one 100x180 cm we also offer the trendy round shape.
    The big size towels are a preferred product because of the vast surface on which you can print your logo. They are a great souvenir gift for men and women of all ages. Their durability and the pleasant emotions of the summer vacation and holidays make the towels a top choice  for a universal keeper of your logo.

  • Doubleface towels 30х50, 50х100 см

    The 30x50 and 50x100 cm doubleface towels are an ideal choice for a gift for every occasion, for example a golf tournament, sports competition, culinary event, the perfect giveaway product with many applications. The printing resolution on the towels is 300 dpi and all small letter inscriptions and logos are clear, so that the smaller size of the item doesn't limit your design. The towel is extremely durable. The colours remain bright and fresh even after multiple treatment which guarantees longevity and sustainable product placement.

  • Terry towels 100% cotton

    The 100% cotton terry towels with added 100% polyester in the borders for sublimated printing are a great option for discreet branding. We keep the white colour to ensure 1:1 identity of the colour from the printing file because in transfer printing on the border of dyed towels there always is a reflection of colours, and no advertiser wants shades in their logo.
    The most popular size is 30x130 cm, suitable for sports events, cycling races, etc., with two borders that can hold the logos of at least two sponsors. 50x100 is a universal size and in a set of 2 is a preferred solution for business gifts in a luxurious pack. 70x140 is a smart alternative of a beach towel /the price is better thanks to the limited sublimation area/ but remains attractive to customers that value the traditional cotton touch.

  • Polar and coral fleece blanket

    Polar and coral fleece blankets are widely used in our routine which made them a first choice for many advertisers as a perfect product for their logo. You can put an impressive design on a vast area. This is a functional all season product which makes it quite compatible on the souvenir branding market.
    The fabrics are of high quality, soft, dry fast and the colours remain bright after washing.
    The multifunctional blankets are available to give you warmth in every respected public house, restaurant or hotel as well as a must-have-accessory for your couch at home.

  • Carpet

    The carpet is the newcomer in our collection of functional and applicable in daily life branded souvenirs. It's specially developed to meet the requirements of individual print in small quantities, and looks just right finished after decoration. We use a laminating machine and combine coral fleece and wool felt fabric. We finish it with polyester lining which also is covered with the sublimation print. The print is just outstanding on this soft polyester surface. The carpet is light and washable. A new and trendy accent for your office, home or corporate event.

  • Seat for chair

    Comfortable, folding, easily portable and just right for your unique design, to name but a few, are the qualities of Laguna chair. We manufacture it in one of Aglika's furniture factories. The wooden frame is made of beech, we don't use plastic finishing and thus guarantee durability of the item. Still more important is that the seat is 100% polyester and allows sublimation printing. We have all wooden components on stock. The textile seats can be ordered separately. You can use one and the same chair with different seats for many events. Chairs are gaining popularity as an important element of beach lounge bars, relax zones, around swimming pools, on hotel balconies, etc.